A superior environment for young children

We cater to children from the ages of 3 months to 5+ years in a friendly, safe, and nurturing environment that promotes learning and development.


Ages 3 months - 1 year

A textured world of different shapes and sizes, with equipment to climb on, under, around and through.

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Ages 1 - 2 years

Any day in the life of our Young Toddler Rooms is a day of topsy-turvy emotions and experiences.

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Ages 2 - 3 years

Within a small setting, children in these classrooms experience many child-centered activities throughout the day.

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Ages 3 - 4 years

Children participate in arts and crafts, singing, language enrichment, dramatic play, science, cooking, and field trips.

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Ages 4-5 years (Pre-K)

Our Adom classes focus on the readiness skills needed for beginning kindergarten academically, creatively, and socially.

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Hebrew Immersion

Students are immersed in Hebrew through games, projects, and special activities resulting in actually speaking and understanding the language!

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